Hello…It’s good to cross paths with you!
My name is Dale.
I am a Psychic Numerologist. I am a Seer!

Everything “vibrates” – that’s the word I think describes it best. This also includes the soul!

We are all spiritual beings “housed” in flesh, and we express our “selves” through the vibration of our given name and through our body. I have the ability to “tap” or “jump” into the vibration of the soul, which in turn allows me to become not only clairvoyant and clairaudient, but it gives me the ability to “see” the journey of the soul in my mind’s eye.

What I see is a clear “look” to your soul’s mission and journey. My ability to see the soul’s vibration will enlighten you with information regarding you and your family, personal and love relationships, health concerns, job/career direction and discovery, spirit guides and past lives.

What I find most important about past lives, for our purposes, is not so much the past life itself, but how does that life speak to who you are “now,” in terms of your idiosyncrasies, talents, blessings, gifts, challenges, obstacles, health, Deja Vu feelings, etc.

I have also been blessed with the ability to hear and channel exact information from loved ones who have passed on. Each reading takes on its own direction and dimension. The purpose of my readings is to help place “more light upon your path.” I am not the light. Like you, I am “of” God’s light. That which I see and channel will help you move forward with peace and clarity.

How it works...

My readings are not automated or computer software generated. They are one-on-one, in-depth audio recordings about you, delivered in a mp3 format via email....My voice to your ears! You will be able to download the mp3 file to your computer or any other device for repeated listening. Most readings are followed by a 35 minute phone conversation, which I call the “follow-up” or continuation of the reading.

* An audio CD is also available.
* Scroll below for more information on the reading offerings. Also take a look at the Testimonial pages.

Be well…be prosperous!

"Out of the Night that covers me, black as the pit from pole to pole…

I thank whatever Gods may be for my unconquerable soul!" ...Invictus

Dale featured in The Guardian

2020 into 2021 review

Deconstruction to Transformational Change


My readings are audio based - My voice to your ears!

Life Reading

2 hours audio reading 35 min. follow-up via phone A complete divination of your soul’s journey combined with the tenets of numerology. Your mission, talents, strengths, past lives, weaknesses, Personal Year, present/future. All things pertaining to you. 

Personal Yearly Reading

1 hour audio reading 35 min. follow-up via phone Your personal year spans Birthday to Birthday. Empower yourself with the knowledge of what’s coming your way in “your” year. This reading will bring absolute clarity to the “now”. It is an in-depth forecast of what’s ahead.

Personal Insight & Guidance

Six options. One on One conversation These sessions are for those who need immediate insight into a particular issue or concern. Health, career, relationship, or hearing from a loved one who has physically passed on. We talk via phone. I have the ability to bring clarity to any concern through my clairvoyant and clairaudient gifts. I “see” with specificity. These session can be time logged.

Name Change/Modification

for Actors,Entertainers Professionals..anyone! Audio recording & correspondence through email and phone
All the world reacts to a name. Modifying or changing your name will not change the real you. It will however change how others see you. Success or failure in a chosen field can be attributed to a name. Everything is in a name! It must be chosen with great care.

Child Reading

1.5 hours audio recording Before birth to 16 years old
Know your child before they fully understand themselves. Their strengths, weakness, talents, idiosyncrasies, and so much more come to light in this reading. You will become a better parent to your child through this invaluable reading. 

Business Reading

Audio recording/many conversations via phone Whether you have an existent business, or contemplating beginning a business; knowing the “vibe” of your business name will give you the ability to understand and attract your targeted audience. Your business is an entity. Know it as such.

Vibe of the Month
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The 2020 audio message of the year.
25-35 minute monthly audio message of the Vibe of the Month.
20 minute Insight session via phone.
Inspirational audio messages sent throughout the year.
The more you know, the greater the empowerment.
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Understanding Numerology

through my eyes
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The Number Vibrations

0…the vibration of the God power. It is the alpha and omega of all things. We live in the universal womb. The vibration encompasses everything. For it is all.

1…is the energy of initial action. All number vibrations spring from the number 1. The big bang theory is the 1 energy. The seed which explodes and expands. The 1 is individualism, innovation, competition, creativity, power. It is the Yang energy opposite the Ying. It is the seed which is planted. It is Genesis…” In the beginning…”

2...is the energy of duality. The Yin of the Yang. It is the universal feminine energy. It is the seed which is germinating. It expresses peace, tranquility, strength, intuition, harmony, psychic energy. The two binds us to the one, creating balance. It is the gentlest of vibrations. In silence we find great strength.

3...One plus two gives us three. The three energy is creative, expressive, innovative, and spiritually powerful. The three is the vibration of manifestation. Light, love, child birth, self-expression, abundance, artistic expression, forward thinking all spring from the number. 3. The continuing growth and expansion of the universe is created from the one plus two energies. The three is the result. Manifestation from the seed.

4…is the energy of order, building, planning, fortitude, pragmatism, law, stability, organization. It is the earth vibration. Looking at the facts, and proceeding forward with determination, focus, and grounding. The four energy gives us strength to face anything along our path. Ethics and morality are based in the four energy.

5...is the energy of freedom. USA vibrates to the five. “Give me liberty…” The five is mercurial, magnetic, adventurous, adaptable, fiery and agile. It often presents us with choices, or two roads. It is an expansive, vibrant and impulsive energy. It is the vibration of interacting with the public, media, adverting, sales, and the power of the spoken word.

6...the six energy expresses love, compassion, cooperation, artistic talents, concern for others, idealism, and the deep love of family. It is a healing and nurturing energy. The desire to teach, and help the communities of the world is expressed though the six. Beauty of all things can be seen through the “eyes” of the six.

7...the seven energy seeks the truth. The truth in spiritual understanding, or scientific discovery. Religion, occultism, (which means hidden knowledge), solitude, peace, mystery, astrology, numerology, tarot, science, discovery are all tenets of the seven energy. To seek truth is also the desire to answer questions, to open doors. The seven energy will reveal the “keys”.

8...the eight energy is the vibration of power, dominance, strength, will power, clarity, responsibility, and karma. Sports, athletes, bankers/banking, finance, Wall Street, war, strategy, politics all vibrate to the eight energy. It is an aggressive energy desiring to produce and manifest things now. Every moment is now!

9...is the vibration of humanitarianism, compassion, universal love, wholeness, resolution, evolution, philosophy, collaboration, and discarding that which is no longer needed. In many ways it is also the alpha and omega vibration. The complete circle. We begin, and then we end, and then we begin again. It is the “old soul”.

The Master Numbers

11...Ethereal, angelic, expansive, enlightening, testing, prophetic.

22…Powerful, masterful, high ethics, executive energy, material gain, kingship.

33…Martyrdom, unyielding love, angelic energy, healing, spiritual expansion, sacrifice, evolution.

44…Power, self-evaluation, wisdom, great strength, foresight, monumental, global consciousness.

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Radio Interview

Dale was the featured guest at Psychic Access Talk Radio

”Dale has also appeared as a featured guest on Huffington Post Live, and has appeared numerous times on Something To Offer. A NYC television program.”