I am the captain of my soul!

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Readings / Cost

Life Reading

This reading encompasses the past, present and future of your journey as a soul. It combines the tenets of numerology with my ability to “see” your life’s journey. This reading delves into your soul’s purpose in this life time. I see with clarity those things which have deep meaning to you. Concerns regarding family, areer/career choice, love, health, your talents, your strengths, the essence of weaknesses, how the world (people) see you, your mission in this life time, your gifts you must nurture & embrace. By “jumping” into the “vibration” of the soul, I become clairvoyant and clairaudient. This allows me to channel information from loved ones who have passed, and spiritual guides that circle you.

The purpose of Life Reading is to help place “more light upon your path”. I am not the light, but a conduit of the light!

Your highest self is revealed from the Life Reading. You will refer back to this audio recording for years to come. Your Personal Year is included in this reading.

Look to the Fundamentals of a Life Reading page for greater understanding of the components of this reading.

You are the Captain of your Soul!

Life Reading
2 hour (or more) audio recording & 35 minute follow-up via phone..$350

Personal Year Reading

This reading is a 1 hour+ or longer audio reading, with a 35 minute follow-up via phone.

Your personal year is from Birthday to Birthday. This is your personal cycle. Knowing what’s coming up ahead, or what “vibe” you are walking through, will give you clarity and a real sense of control and grounding in the “now”.

I can see with clarity all things within your year involving love, family, career, health, love ones, etc. So will you! Knowing the “climate” of your year is truly empowering. Decisions become easier. Foresight brings confidence. I also compartmentalize your year into three four month cycles and give a read on each individual month of your year. Many who have commissioned a Life Reading, return year after year for this invaluable reading.

 * It is also included in the Life Reading.

“Grab the bull by the horns” in your year. Take charge and be prepared!

Yearly Reading
1 hour (or more) audio recording & 35 minute follow-up via phone...$250

Personal Insight & Guidance

I offer these one on one sessions via phone for those who desire immediate insight and resolution into concerns involving, health, love, career or any life decisions.

“Everything” vibrates for the lack of a better word. The soul vibrates. I can jump into the vibration of the soul. This allows me to become, not only clairvoyant and clairaudient, I become a Seer. I am able to “see” with specificity into any concern and help bring to light the truth. I can jump into the vibration of a person’s soul and give one insight into what that person feels, or who they really are. I can “see” ahead. When there is light, decision making will become easier. Truth will help you to resolve and confidently move on from your concerns.

I am also able to see & hear those who have passed on. Loved ones will speak and relay specific information through me, to you.

These Insight sessions are time logged. You can divvy up the time in as many sessions as you desire. We can also correspond through text & email. * Look to the Testimonials page.

* 1 hour …..…$150

* 3 hours ......$400

* 6 hours ......$750

Child Reading

Know your child before they fully understand and know themselves.

Whether your child is still in the womb, a new born, a toddler, a preteen, or a teenager; a numerology insight reading by me is an invaluable tool which will give you incredible insight into your child's personality. Know with absolute certainty your child's strengths, weaknesses and natural gifts. Guide your child into realizing his/her full potential, by nurturing their natural talents and helping them dissipate there fears. Discover what field of study in which they will excel. Will your child tend to lead or follow others? What type of friends will your son/daughter attract? What issues or challenges will they have in school?

The information derived from this reading will make you a better parent. You will be able to guide them with a deep sense of confidence and most importantly peace. I will also speak to their adult years. Choosing a name for your child is as important as any decision you will make in your life.

Child Reading
1 hour (or more) audio recording & 35 minute follow-up via phone...$250

Business Reading

Your business is an entity. Your business name has a “vibe”. Companies invest millions to come up with “the” name that will sell their product. Choosing the correct name or understanding your current name can make the difference between success and failure. The correct name and logo will attract your target audience to your establishment and to your website. A name that does not best represent you can act as a barrier and produce the wrong image and limit your expansion. With Careful analysis I can tell you how the world (customers) views your business. I can tell you what colors and fonts are best for your name and advertisements. Your business actually has its own Yearly vibe. Knowing the vibe of your business year will help you to avoid pitfalls and prepare you to navigate around obstacles before they occur.

A business reading includes an audio of the Yearly Vibe for you and your business. A full analysis of your business name, which includes the outerpersonality, the Destiny, the weakness and strengths of the name (see fundamentals of a Life Reading}, colors and fonts for your name and logo, and the many phone meetings and email exchanges we will have to completely understand how best to promote your business to the world.

Business Reading - Beginning at $995

Name Change…..Everything is in a name!

You express yourself through your name and body. A name change will not change the real you. It will however change how the world see’s you, reacts to you.

Changing or modifying your name is a serious matter. Your name can help attract that which you desire, aid you to success, or bring havoc and deter you from obtain your goals. You must be able to live up to a new name.

Without a doubt the majority of celebrities in the music, movie and entertainment fields have changed or modified their names. People from all walks of life have sought change in their lives, by changing the expression to the world.

Eldrick Woods became Tiger Woods. Bill Blyth modified his name to Bill Clinton. Peter Gene Hernandez became a star with Bruno Mars. It’s hard to imagine the success of Caryn Johnson as a comedienne and actress without the name change to Whoopi Goldberg.

It is of utmost importance that a new name or modification be thoroughly analyzed, thought over, and chose with reverence. The spiritual and physical effects are real. I have been blessed to help many people find their new name, including celebrities who are currently in the limelight. I can find the right name for you.

A name change usually includes a full Life Reading with weekly correspondence through phone and email.

* The cost may be adjusted if a Life Reading has been done or if we are just modifying a given name.

Name Change - Beginning at $995

A few name changes for $uccess:
Brad Pitt.........William Bradley Pit
John Legend.......John Roger Stephens
Jennifer Aniston..Jennifer Lin Annastassakis
Miley Cyrus.......Destiny Hope Cyrus
Curtis Jackson....50 Cent
Meghan Markle.....Rachel Meghan Markle
Walter Willison...Bruce Willis
David Bowie.......David Robert Haward-Jones
Alicia Keys.......Alicia Cook
Katy Perry........Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson
Stevie Wonder.....Steveland Hardway
Pepsi Cola......Brads Drink
Vin Diesel......Mark Sinclair Vincent
Elton Joh.......David Becker
Ralph Lauren....Ralph Lifshitz
Nicki Minaj.....Onika Tanya Maraj
Tina Fey........Elizabeth Stamatina Fey
Jamie Foxx......Eric Marlon Bishop
Minday Kaling...Vera Chokalingam
Bruno Mars......Peter Gene Hernandez
Olivia Wilde....Olivia Jane Cockburn